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GPS Fleet Tracking For Small Business

Simple & affordable GPS vehicle tracking for your small business.

  • $15 per vehicle/month
  • No contracts or hidden fees
  • Free GPS Hardware
  • Free shipping

Technology trusted in over 1 million vehicles


Force by Mojio gives me peace of mind knowing where my trucks and technicians are, in real time.

Nick Milosevic
Owner, Blue Truck Window Cleaning

Why use Force by Mojio?

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Track vehicles & increase accountability

See every vehicle’s location and status updated every 10 seconds or less — the fastest in the industry. Use our smartphone app to track your vehicles 24/7 and verify how your crew’s time is being spent.

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Monitor fleet health & reduce downtime

Force by Mojio keeps downtime to a minimum. Stay on top of fleet health and maintenance. Our system monitors each vehicle’s engine diagnostics, battery status, fuel level and alerts you of issues.

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Increase the safety of Your drivers & vehicles

Monitor your team’s driving behaviour and coach them to improve with our RoadScore tool. It measures behaviour like speeding, rapid accelerations and harsh braking. Drivers get a clear score for every trip, encouraging safer habits.

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Which small businesses use Force by Mojio?

Perfect for any small business with 2 or more vehicles:

Appliance Repair


Carpet Cleaning



Junk Removal


Lawn Care


Pool & Spa Services

Trades & Contracting

Tree Care

Window Cleaning

…and many more!

Get Up & Running Fast

Receive your devices

Get Your Devices

A $150 value included at no extra cost.

Plug and play

Plug Them In

Plug your devices into the OBD-II ports of each vehicle.

Start Tracking

Monitor your fleet from any computer or smartphone.


10-20 times a year, I get calls saying, “Your guy didn’t show up!” Now, we can prove it: maybe you missed him, but he was there. Force by Mojio is a product that pays for itself.

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Rick Deitsch
American Pest Control

What makes our GPS fleet tracking different?

Ryan Beene
Energy Concepts Solar
45 Employees
21 Vehicles

Favorite Feature:
Live GPS Tracking

“Force by Mojio has created accountability for our drivers; has increased safe driving practices, and has aided the way we dispatch and direct our employees.”

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