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GPS Vehicle Tracking For Small Business

See where your business is going.

Hold your drivers accountable, control your costs, and keep your vehicles safe and secure.

The smart GPS vehicle tracking solution designed especially for small fleets.

Our technology has already helped more than 1 million drivers monitor, maintain and manage their vehicles.

Service Crew Dashboard

Why use Force by Mojio?

Increase Accountability

Trust but verify. With live map vehicle tracking and a history of every trip, you’ll know precisely where your vehicles are, how your crew’s time is being spent, and whether your vehicles are being used properly.

Control Your Costs

Keep downtime to a minimum and avoid costly breakdowns by staying on top of the health and maintenance of your vehicles. Force by Mojio gives you a window into the health of your vehicles, without having to look under the hood.

Improve Safety & Security

Don’t tolerate behavior that puts your vehicles, your team or your business at risk. With Force, you’ll know how safely your vehicles are being driven and how your drivers are performing. Plus, you’ll be instantly notified if any of your parked vehicles have been tampered with, bumped, towed, or if the tracking device has been removed.

Who uses Force by Mojio?

Our solution is perfect for any small business that relies on its vehicles, including:


Trades & Contracting

Home Cleaning


Appliance Repair

Carpet Cleaning

Pest Control

Junk Removal




Lawn Care


Tree Care


Window Cleaning

Pool & Spa Services

…and many more!

Mauricio Santos
VIP Cleaning Las Vegas
7 Employees
8 Vehicles

Favorite Feature:
Smartphone App

“I own a cleaning business with 6 vehicles. I use Force by Mojio to keep track of where my people are and how the jobs are going. There is no doubt that this product saves me time and saves me money.”

What makes Force different?

Ryan Beene
Energy Concepts Solar
45 Employees
21 Vehicles

Favorite Feature:
Live GPS Tracking

“Force by Mojio has created accountability for our drivers; has increased safe driving practices, and has aided the way we dispatch and direct our employees.”

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