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For small business fleets

Trip Detail Dashboard

Keep your drivers and vehicles safer on the road.

Aggressive driving is one of the most expensive risks to your business. For small companies, even a single “minor” accident can be a huge financial setback. And then there’s the speeding tickets, excess wear and tear on the vehicle, and wasted fuel (up to 40% more). Force by Mojio easily pays for itself by helping you nip aggressive driving in the bud.

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Driver Report Dashboard


“Dave, you’re an excellent plumber, but we need to talk about your driving habits.”

If you’re going to tackle unsafe driving in your company, you need data. Make coaching your drivers easy with visuals that summarize each driver’s habits, including clear examples of where and when they drove unsafely.

  • See the RoadScore out of 100 for every trip, as well as the rolling average for every driver
  • Find out the exact time and place of any unsafe driving events (harsh acceleration, cornering or breaking, excessive speed)
  • Get detailed reports on driver safety — even rank your drivers on how safely they drive, so you can reward the safe ones and coach the rest


It’s 10pm on a Sunday and there’s been a disturbance with one of your vans. Time to investigate.

Force by Mojio is a watchdog when your vehicles are parked. You’ll get instant alerts if any of your vehicles is bumped, towed, broken into, or otherwise disturbed while parked.

  • Receive disturbance alerts on your iPhone or Android smartphone
  • If one of your vehicles is ever stolen, you’ll know right away and you can use Force by Mojio to help the authorities recover it quickly
Disturbance Alert Dashboard
Crash Detection Dashboard


One of your trucks has been in a crash. Who, what, where and when? Get the information you need right away!

Time is of the essence when one of your vehicles has been in a crash. Thankfully, you’ll know exactly when and where it occurred, including who was driving, so you can take action to get your team the help they need and keep your business moving.

  • Get an alert on your phone, including details on when and where the crash occurred, as well as the vehicle and driver (if assigned)
  • Utilizes the world’s most advanced crash detection algorithm, developed and certified by Bosch – this is the same technology that’s used to manage the deployment of airbags


“Force by Mojio has encouraged our workers to really take ownership of their vehicle and how they treat it.”

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Ryan Beene, HR Manager & Controller
Energy Concepts Solar

45 Employees, 21 Vehicles

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Force by Mojio is a product that pays for itself. Ready to see what it can do for your business?

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