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GPS tracking device

Top-of-the-line 4G LTE GPS Tracking Devices

Our GPS tracking devices just work. Plug them into the OBD-II port of each of your cars, vans, and light trucks, and that’s it. They do their job silently in the background, tracking your vehicles in real-time and sending exact location information to our platform via the 4G network.

Best of all, our GPS trackers are included with every Force by Mojio subscription. No hardware to purchase outright, no connectivity fees, no activation fees. It’s as simple as it gets!

How our GPS tracking devices work

Your vehicles are rich sources of data. Force by Mojio turns that data into insights you can use to run your business better.

Once plugged into the OBD-II port of your vehicle, our GPS trackers capture:

Force OBD side view
  • GPS location — accurate to within 10 feet
  • DTCs/Diagnostic Trouble Codes (aka “Check Engine Lights”)
  • Fuel Level, Battery Level
  • Driving behavior (harsh acceleration, rapid cornering, hard braking, etc.)
  • Speed
  • Physical disturbances (if your vehicle is bumped, towed, broken into, or stolen)

These data points are continuously sent to our platform using the 4G cellular data network. You can access Force’s management platform from any device including your desktop and laptop or through our app on your tablet or smartphone.

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Are my vehicles compatible with Force’s GPS trackers?

Force by Mojio supports virtually any vehicle with an OBD-II diagnostic port. These ports are found on all cars, vans, and light trucks sold in the USA since 1996.

These are just a few examples of the vehicles and vehicle types we support. Our GPS trackers have been installed in thousands of vehicles of different makes and models and are very likely to be compatible with your fleet vehicles.

Question about compatibility? Give us a call at 806-855-8255 or email [email protected]. We’d be happy to assist you.

Plug & Play GPS Tracker Installation

Installation of Force by Mojio is easy and takes just minutes per vehicle.

Get your devices

Get your devices
When you sign up for Force by Mojio, we’ll send you one GPS tracking device for each vehicle you’ll be tracking. Unlike many of our competition, the trackers are included at no additional cost.

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Plug them in

Plug in the devices
Plug a GPS tracker into the OBD-II port of each vehicle you’d like to track (ports are usually underneath the steering wheel). Then, take the vehicle for a quick trip to activate the real-time tracking device.

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Start tracking your vehicles

Start tracking your vehicles
Sign in to Force by Mojio on a computer or smartphone. The system will automatically recognize your new GPS vehicle. That’s it! Now you’re ready to track your vehicles on your computer, iPhone, or Android phone.

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“The plug-and-play functionality of the Force devices made installation easy, and the software is robust, intuitive, and easy to use.”

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Jon Simpsons
Security Cameras of Columbus

Verified Review on Capterra — May 2021

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GPS Tracking Device FAQs

Where is a GPS tracking device installed on a car?

A GPS tracking device is installed in the OBD port of a car (also known as an OBD-II port). These are commonly found on the driver’s side of the vehicle, under the steering wheel, above the gas and brake peddles. OBD-II ports are found in all vehicles sold in the US from 1996 and on—so unless your company fleet is comprised of classic cars or heavy-duty vehicles,  your fleet will have the proper ports to support our GPS trackers.

OBD ports vary in color depending on the make and model of your company vehicles and may have a cover over the top of the port, so you might not be able to spot it right away.

Do GPS trackers still track if they’re unplugged?

If a GPS tracker is unplugged or becomes dislodged from an OBD-II port for whatever reason, it will stop tracking. Our GPS trackers rely on power of the vehicle to power the device, show where the vehicle is in real-time, and collect data such as driver behavior and vehicle health. The device will not transmit any information while it’s unplugged; however, Force’s GPS trackers are designed to send an unplugged alert to immediately notify the admin managing the fleet whenever a device is unplugged or disconnected from the vehicle. These notifications allow you to respond quickly to the issue and have the device put back in place promptly.

More Features

GPS Tracking

Enjoy a full range of GPS tracking features including full visibility into your vehicles in real-time, detailed trip history data, location alerts when a vehicle enters or exits a geofenced parameter, and live-tracking links you can share with your customers so they can see where their expected service vehicle is in real-time.

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Vehicle Health & Maintenance

Keep your vehicles running smoothly and save money with vehicle health monitoring, vehicle health alerts, maintenance records, fuel alerts, and fuel efficiency monitoring. Tracking the health of your fleet helps you get ahead of costly breakdowns and repairs while increasing the safety and security of your vehicles and your drivers.

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Experience how real-time GPS tracking can improve your business.