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For small business fleets

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Avoid downtime by keeping your vehicles in great shape, even when you’re not the one driving them daily.

Downtime is a killer for small businesses that rely on their vehicles. Without a full-time fleet manager, keeping them in good running order can be a big job — especially when your fleet isn’t all brand new leased vehicles. We’re here to help.

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“Force by Mojio has made it easier to manage my vehicles. When I see a check engine light, I can find out what it means, so if it’s not too serious I can save money by fixing the problem myself instead of going to a mechanic.”

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Brad Allison, Owner
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4 Employees, 5 Vehicles

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Vehicle Health Dashboard


Stop relying on your drivers to tell you when something’s wrong with one of your vehicles.

The more vehicles you have, the more it’s a challenge to keep them all running smoothly. And you can’t rely on your employees to let you know when their truck has an issue. Force by Mojio shows you a picture of each vehicle’s mechanical health, and sends you an alert as soon as something needs your attention.

  • Find out right away about DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) in your vehicles, with plain English descriptions
  • Get optional alerts if you’re low on fuel or low on battery voltage
  • See any applicable manufacturer’s recall notices


Detect issues with your tires before it’s an issue for your business.

Tires are more than an occasional costly upgrade for your fleet. Treadwear can lead to poor mileage, increased stopping distances, and blowouts. TireCheck is a patented new feature that allows you to monitor tire conditions for defects and tread depth, all with just a quick scan. 

  • Detect minor and critical issues with your tires with 90% accuracy
  • Helps you schedule vehicle maintenance proactively and minimize downtime
  • Keeps a record of your latest tire scans in an easy-to-read report
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Vehicle Maintenance Dashboard


When was the last time Truck #6 had an oil change?

Easily organize your vehicle maintenance program. Say goodbye to folders full of receipts and multiple spreadsheets!

  • Access a list of all the recommended services for at each mileage interval
  • Mark off each service as it’s completed and upload the receipt
  • Separate the list into upcoming vs. completed for quick reference


Your truck’s battery is about to die — replace it now before your driver gets stranded.

This is a feature you won’t find anywhere else: Force by Mojio uses proprietary logic based on your vehicle’s make, model and usage patterns to predict when critical parts in your vehicle will soon be in need of replacement.

  • Get alerts when your battery or air filter are about to need replacement
  • Fully automatic — nothing to configure or set up
  • Get the alerts on your web browser, tablet, or smartphone
Predictive Maintenance Dashboard

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a fleet maintenance program?

A fleet maintenance program is a proactive plan put in place by a company to keep their vehicles in working condition and address issues early so they do not become bigger problems or cause unexpected downtime for the business. Preventative maintenance programs can include daily, weekly, or monthly vehicle inspection lists for drivers to complete to ensure their vehicles are in top working condition and any issues are logged and monitored appropriately.

How do I find the best fleet management software?

Finding the best fleet management software for your business depends on what type of vehicles you need to track, how frequently you want your GPS location to update, and the types of additional data you need to operate your fleet more effectively, and your budget.

Force by Mojio specializes in GPS for small fleets that are OBD-II compatible, offers a simple interface, 10-second refresh rate, vehicle health and maintenance alerts, and is just $18 per vehicle, per month.

What are the benefits of fleet management software?

Fleet management software allows business owners to manage their fleet more effectively, improve driver accountability, and reduce costs.

Here are some of the ways GPS tracking software can help save you time and money:

  • Dispatch technicians to new or emergency jobs more efficiently
  • Hold drivers accountable for how they spend their time on the clock
  • Reduce fuel costs by tracking improper vehicle use and excessive idling
  • Improve driver safety and reduce instances of aggressive or inefficient driving
  • Prevent unexpected breakdowns by monitoring the health of your vehicles and receive alerts if there are any diagnostic trouble codes (DTC’s) for your vehicles
  • Efficiently track business mileage and pull comprehensive reports for accounting and tax purposes
  • Provide customers with a live tracking link for their technician to improve the customer experience

Force by Mojio is a product that pays for itself. Ready to see what it can do for your business?

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