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DTC Code Dashboard

Avoid downtime by keeping your vehicles in great shape, even when you’re not the one driving them daily.

Downtime is a killer for small businesses that rely on their vehicles. Without a full-time fleet manager, keeping them in good running order can be a big job — especially when your fleet isn’t all brand new leased vehicles. We’re here to help.

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Vehicle Health Dashboard


Stop relying on your drivers to tell you when something’s wrong with one of your vehicles.

The more vehicles you have, the more it’s a challenge to keep them all running smoothly. And you can’t rely on your employees to let you know when their truck has an issue. Force by Mojio shows you a picture of each vehicle’s mechanical health, and sends you an alert as soon as something needs your attention.

  • Find out right away about DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) in your vehicles, with plain English descriptions
  • Get optional alerts if you’re low on fuel or low on battery voltage
  • See any applicable manufacturer’s recall notices


When was the last time Truck #6 had an oil change?

Easily organize your vehicle maintenance program. Say goodbye to folders full of receipts and multiple spreadsheets!

  • Access a list of all the recommended services for at each mileage interval
  • Mark off each service as it’s completed and upload the receipt
  • Separate the list into upcoming vs. completed for quick reference
Vehicle Maintenance Dashboard
Predictive Maintenance Dashboard


Your truck’s battery is about to die — replace it now before your driver gets stranded.

This is a feature you won’t find anywhere else: Force by Mojio uses proprietary logic based on your vehicle’s make, model and usage patterns to predict when critical parts in your vehicle will soon be in need of replacement.

  • Get alerts when your battery or air filter are about to need replacement
  • Fully automatic — nothing to configure or set up
  • Get the alerts on your web browser, tablet, or smartphone


“Force by Mojio has made it easier to manage my vehicles. When I see a check engine light, I can find out what it means, so if it’s not too serious I can save money by fixing the problem myself instead of going to a mechanic.”

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Brad Allison, Owner
Poseidon Pool Service

4 Employees, 5 Vehicles

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Force by Mojio is a product that pays for itself. Ready to see what it can do for your business?

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