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Affordable GPS Vehicle Tracking for Security Integrators

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Affordable GPS Tracking For ESA

Special Offer for ESA Members

All ESA members get a 10% discount for as long as you’re a customer. That brings your price down to just $16.20 per vehicle, per month. Start your free trial today!

Manage your vehicles & drivers better, so you can grow your business

Track Vehicles & Increase Accountability

See every vehicle’s location and status updated every 10 seconds or less — the fastest in the industry. Use our smartphone app to track your vehicles 24/7 and verify how your crew’s time is being spent.

Monitor Fleet Health & Reduce Downtime

Force by Mojio keeps downtime to a minimum by staying on top of fleet health and maintenance. Our system monitors each vehicle’s engine diagnostics, battery status, fuel level and recalls and alerts you of issues.

Increase the Safety of Your Drivers & Vehicles

Monitor your team’s driving and coach them to improve with our RoadScore tool. It measures behavior like speeding, rapid accelerations and harsh braking to give drivers a score for every trip and encourage safer driving habits.

Get Up & Running Fast

Get Your Devices

A $150 value per device, included at no extra cost. Shipping is free!

Plug Them In

Plug your devices into the OBD-II ports of each vehicle.

Start Tracking

Monitor your fleet from any computer or smartphone.

Calculate your idling costs

Answer the questions below to calculate your estimated cost of idling.

How many vehicles do you have?

Average fuel price per gallon in your area ?

/ gallon

The average idling time per vehicle is 1.5 hours per day.

Adjust the slider if you think your vehicles idle more or less than average. ?


Expected cost of idling for your fleet ?

$XXX every 10 days

Force by Mojio’s real-time vehicle tracking software now includes idling reports.

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