Why Force by Mojio?

A small investment with big business impact.
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What makes us different?

  1. Unbeatable Value
    We pride ourselves on being completely transparent and delivering great value for your hard-earned dollars. Unlike many other fleet management and GPS tracking systems, Force by Mojio doesn’t charge extra for things like devices, connectivity or real-time vehicle tracking. 

    What’s more, we don’t lock you into multi-year contracts. There are no hidden fees. You choose your billing frequency — month-by-month or yearly. Plus, our 60 day trial is a risk-free way to take our service for a test drive. It’s all part of our commitment to simple, transparent, and friendly pricing.

  2. Small Business Friendly
    Force by Mojio was designed from the ground up to serve small businesses. We don’t cater to large fleets or big trucks. From our user-friendly interface to the smart mix of features and alerts that we’ve included, you’ll find that everything is tailored to a busy business owner like you.

    Once you decide to connect your vehicles, you’ll be up and running fast: our plug-and-play installation takes just a couple minutes per vehicle and our seamless web and mobile apps are a breeze to use.

  3. Best-in-Class Vehicle Tracking — Over One Million Vehicles Connected
    This isn’t our first rodeo. The advanced platform technology behind Force by Mojio is backed by some of the world’s biggest brands, including Amazon, Bosch, Deutsche Telekom and T-Mobile, and has been used to connect over a million vehicles in North America and Europe.

    With over 10 billion miles of driving data processed, our connected mobility platform is proven to be fast, reliable and secure. In fact, we deliver the fastest real-time tracking in the industry, with updates to your vehicles’ status and locations every 10 seconds or less.


“Force by Mojio gives me peace of mind knowing where my trucks and technicians are, in real time.
In Window Cleaning we can travel up to 5 locations a day, and while managing the day I can check in to ensure the crews will arrive at the next location on time.”

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Blue Truck Window Cleaning

2 Employees, 2 Vehicles

8 ways we’ll save you time and money

Waste less time

Vehicle tracking keeps your drivers accountable for how they spend their time. Say goodbye to those unauthorized personal trips, side jobs and random detours. 

Force also saves you time as a business owner, since you’ll never need to call your drivers just for a location check or status update.

Serve your customers better

You can respond faster to last-minute or emergency service requests, since you’ll know exactly where all of your vehicles are. You can quickly determine who is nearby and available for the job.

Prove where your team was, and when 

Force by Mojio will save you money by helping you bill your customers accurately. Has a customer ever claimed that your drivers didn’t show up, but you know they did? Now you’ll be able to prove it. 

Save money on gas

Force shows you your fleet’s fuel efficiency trends over time, as well as the fuel efficiency for each trip. If you notice that it’s unusually high, you can easily uncover any wasteful driving habits such as excessive idling, beeline routes, or even aggressive driving — which can use up to 40% more gas than save driving. 

Avoid costly breakdowns

Downtime is expensive. Force helps you avoid it. You’ll be alerted whenever one of your vehicles has mechanical trouble, so you can take action before the problem gets severe and costly. You’ll visit the mechanic already knowing what the engine diagnostic code means, instead of a mysterious Check Engine light. 

Protect your valuable assets

Your vehicles are one of the biggest items on your balance sheet, so it pays to keep them (and the gear you keep in them) secure. If your parked vehicles are ever bumped, tampered with or towed, you’ll get an instant alert about the disturbance in our mobile app.

If the worst happens and one of your vehicles is stolen, you’ll have the information needed to help the authorities with a speedy recovery.

Reduce the risk of accidents

When your employees drive in an unsafe way, it puts them and your business at real risk. Our proprietary RoadScore algorithm uses factors like speeding, rapid accelerations, harsh braking and harsh cornering to generate an easy-to-understand score from 0 to 100 for every trip, as well as an average for each driver, helping you manage risky drivers, track behavioral changes and reward safe driving.

Save money on insurance

Many commercial insurance carriers will provide a discount for the use of theft tracking devices to aid in the recovery of stolen vehicles. With Force by Mojio added to your vehicles, you may be qualified for meaningful savings on your current premium. Or, you can shop around for a new policy that provides such a discount. Contact your insurance carrier to find out if you’re eligible for a discount.

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